Professor Liselotte Højgaard (MD, DMSc) has been appointed president of the Copenhagen Research Forum and will lead the preparations and implementation of the Forum, notably from a scientific point of view. There will be a panel for each of the six challenges. A chairship consisting of a Danish and a European chair will lead each panel. 

A virtual discussion forum on Horizon 2020 focusing on how to meet the six societal challenges will be ongoing during the month of November 2011. Each chairmanship will identify up to 100 experts within their area, who will be invited to participate in the virtual forum. After consultation of the experts, each chairmanship will prepare a report based on the expert discussions. 

On 16 January 2012, the Copenhagen Research Forum will end with a conference at the Technical University of Denmark where exclusive panel discussions will take place among a small group of internationally renowned researchers. The reports written based on the virtual forum discussions will provide the basis for these discussions. Each panel consists of 10 to 15 experts, who will discuss and make recommendations on the key issues identified in the virtual discussions. 

The recommendations of the Copenhagen Research Forum will be consolidated in a final report and a presentation will be given to the Council of Ministers at their ministerial conference on 1 February 2012. 

For further information, please contact project manager Anne Line Mikkelsen (e-mail:; tel.:+45 4525 1223)


Liselotte Højgaard
DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Anne Line Mikkelsen
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19 JANUAR 2020